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Mobile Homes in California: Home Is Anywhere You Are


Mobile homes for sale in California are a popular option for people looking to buy their first property, and I can help you look for yours.

They’re affordable, compact, low-maintenance, and — as the name suggests — mobile. Even students and families looking to downsize typically consider them as a viable alternative to a standard home. If you’re only looking for mobile homes for rent in California, you’ve come to the right place. However, owning one isn’t as easy as it seems. There are factors you need to consider to ensure having no problems once you’ve moved in.

As a real estate professional equipped with a versatile skill set, uncompromising values, and years of experience in the industry, Rebecca Satti Realtor can enlighten you on all the things you need to know if you’re planning to become a mobile home owner.

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Types of Mobile Homes

There are various mobile homes available. From single-wide to double-wide, choosing the right one depends on your needs. Single-wide mobile homes have a narrower frame and connected rooms, while double-wide mobile homes are typically two single-wide units attached together to resemble a full-scale family home. Some manufacturers also produce triple-wide homes for larger families with, usually, three to four bedrooms.

If you’re wondering how long mobile homes last, they can withstand 30 to 55 years of usage. However, the life span depends on the level of maintenance done. As for the different sizes, it will depend on the household count, your preference, and lifestyle. Here’s an estimate of their size to give you an overview:

  • Single-wide: 90 ft. in length and 18 ft. in width
  • Double-wide: 90 ft. in length and 20 ft. in width

California Code of Regulations

Getting a mobile home for sale in California is complicated by the mobile home park regulations in the California Code of Regulations. Here are a few of the most important sections to keep in mind as a current or aspiring owner of a mobile home:

  • Every mobile home should have an Earthquake Resistant Bracing System.
  • Your mobile home should be inspected by the National Fire Protection Association to ensure that the materials used are non-combustible and that fire safety items like smoke detectors are in place.


The costs of a mobile home or the land where you’ll erect your mobile home are slightly different from those that come with financing a single-family home:

  • The rent for the lot where your mobile home will stand can be costly, potentially demanding as much as a thousand dollars per month depending on where it’s parked.
  • It may be difficult to avail of bank financing for your mobile home. If you come upon one, the interest rates may then be too high.
  • The value of mobile homes for sale in California depreciates over time. They may not be the best option if you’re looking for a long-term investment.

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